Meet’n’Eat Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)
If you ever every have any troubles, you can email us at and we will get back to you as soon
as we can.
1.1 - What is Meet’n’Eat?
Meet’n’Eat is a mobile app that connects members of all
nationalities to each other in London. Our aim is simple to make
sure that no one ever has to eat alone again unless they choose to.
1.2 How do I sign up?
The Meet’n’Eat app can be downloaded on either the iOS or app
store. Simply click here.
1.3 Does it cost anything to sign up or use?
No, of course not!
How it Works
2.1 How do I create an account?
Simply download the app from the Apple or Google App stores, and
then create an account, signing in via Facebook.
2.2 So do I need a Facebook account to use Meet’n’Eat?
Yes! This a standard way of creating an account on many apps.
2.3 So how can I eat with people in London?
You can Create or Join a table. The join a table screen will show you
all the tables that people around you have created, as well as who
they are, where and when they are eating. This will automatically be
filtered to ensure that they speak the same language. Then simply
request to join the table, and wait for the person who created the
table to confirm.
2.4 How do I Create a Table?
Simply go to the Create a Table page, and then put in the time, date
and restaurant where you want to eat. You can also choose the
language of the people you want to eat with. Then wait for people
the start requesting to join the table!
2.5 How many tables can I create or join at any one time?
You can only create or join one table at a time. But don’t worry as
soon as one meal is over you can instantly create a table to eat with
people at the next!
2.6 Where can I use Meet’n’Eat?
For now only in London.
2.7 Who is your typical user?
Anyone and everyone! Many of our users are members of foreign
countries who want to eat with people who speak their language or
native Londoners. But we encourage everyone to use the app, it’s a
great way to socialize and have fun!
3.1 How can I change my information on the account?
On the profile page, you can change your photo, and put in more
information about yourself.
3.2 How can I delete my account?
Please don’t go! But if you really want to you can delete your
account on the profile page.
3.3 How old do I have to be to use Meet’n’Eat?
Users have to be aged 18 and over.
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